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the need for more robust background checks. of course, flake wasn't alone. lindsay graham actually said over the weekend that the specifics of newtown don't necessitate further action on background checks. >> nothing we're talking about would prevent nowtown from happening. the guy did not fail a background check. >> now graham said that despite the fact that a background check forced adam lanza to walk away from a gun purchase in the days before the shooting according to the l.a. times. the "times" wrote that lanza attempted to purchase a rifle from a gun store but was turned away because he didn't want to wait for the required 14-day background check. senator chuck schumer, of the so-called universal background checks bill left off the universal part when discussing what he thought could be accomplished. >> i'm working very hard with both democrats and republicans pro nra and anti-nra people to come up with a background check bill that will be acceptable to 60 senators and be very strong and get the job done. >> still, some affected by gun violence continue to put up the good fight. >
also spokes with lindsay graham about this and he said the u.s. would be crazy not to leave behind a force of 10 to 13,000 troops to help the afghans out after 2014. and so, that number still has to be determined but you can bet that politicians here in washington are going to want to have a say and are going to be voicing their concern over just how much that -- how many forces should stay behind after 2014. don? >> athena jones, thank you very much. we want to tell viewers, that anne smedinghoff, 27 years old. her father will join us later on this n this broadcast. >>> in the meantime, north korea may test launch a missile this week. this comes as north urges all workers to leave an industrial complex near the border by wednesday. meanwhile, china, one of north korea's last remaining allies sent a thinly veiled warning to the country. china's president says, saying quote, no one should be allowed to throw a region and even the world, the whole world, into chaos for selfish gain. i want you to listen to what former ambassador to china, jon huntsman, today say about these comments
. they never made it into the system because according to lindsay graham, it may have been misspelled. here with us is former l.a. pd fact furman and jim emerson. welcome back to hannity. >> thank you. >> mark, you have the right to romaine silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. this is what is infuriating. he's just beginning to communicate. what information does he have? is there an ongoing threat he knows about? is there foreign connections, foreign links we don't know about? are we going to give him miranda rights at this point in time? go ahead. >> it seems like we've got plenty just on face value to actually prosecute him. we don't really need an admission. but to advise him of his miranda rights, we hear that he was advised today of his miranda rights. how did he respond? did he say he wanted to remain silent or did he waive that and he wants to talk without his attorney present? the interesting part about miranda is once you give somebody miranda they say i want to be silent, you cannot constantly go back to the well and keep asking them do you
. but there are two ways to get to the goal, one of them is to do what john and lindsay graham wawant to do and no miranda issues and question him forever . i would like to see that and i generally think it is it the better way to go here. you could question him forever and he already made a confession that is admissible to the guy they kidnapped. as far as i can tell, the guy they kidnapped he and his brother confessed they were the guys who did the bombing. >> but neither he nor his brother wanted to kill themselves . that distingished them from the cazer terrorist. >> when we were talking we didn't know what he would do. it is interesting to me that he had plenty of opportunities to kill. he was not rushing to the 72 virginings . maybe he was not sure of that process. >> do you are it a terrorist incident? >> absolute >> do you find the ft. terrorism. >> i think the administration handled this as well as they could. >> why is the case of ft. hood. >> it is a travesty. it may be a clearer terrorist incident than this is. this guy in the american military went over to the other say and wor
. >> >> reporter: republican senators are vocally opposing background checks. senator lindsay graham said last year 80,000 gun buyer failed to check, but they were prosecuted. >> >> on april 2nd, a former nursing student killed seven people and injured three others. suspected gunman is in a mental hospital after a judge declared he was not kent to stand trial. >> >> concerts saturday in oakland and april 13th in "el dorado" hills. >> >> thousands of ankle monitors used to track parole lees were false and had to be replaced last year. state corrections officials ordered 4,000 of the diesises last april. after tested indicated problems. now, the maker of the monitors, 3m denies there were any reliability problems. >> >> five family members killed in a dui crash in nevada. what we learned about the victims. >> >> tensions rise as the u.s. shows its support for south korea. the latest on their state of war. >> >> wake up before dawn before an almost century old san francisco easter tradition. . >>> an 18-year-old man arrested, suspected of dui
with the decision but they put out a statement, senator lindsay graham and john mccain and peter king that went on to say, however, limiting this investigation to 48 hours and exclusively regularly on the exception to miranda could limit our ability to gather critical information about future attacks from this suspect. bottom line is what knees republican lawmakers are calling for is the suspect be officially classified as an enemy combatant. not that he would face a military tribunal but the interrogation could go on longer an couple of days. there may be some people in the administration that believe such a long interrogation could taint the eventual prosecution in a civilian court. there will be a healthy debate about this in the days ahead. for now, they focusing on a great sense of relief, not just in boston but here in the white house, in the early stages of the investigation. we don't know what else is out there. >> megyn: thank you. top team of terror people across the administration getting together. they've been together getting ready to question this man. when he is able to answer qu
stand behind. so lindsay graham, comma, constitution hater. so we would say, lindsay graham, constitution hater? since you are asking kwa questi, you don't have to stand behind what you are asserting. anderson cooper, new york, next stop for bombing suspects? we don't know. we're just asking. often we get answers like this. >> central asia represent a huge chunk of the planet and if that area comes under the domination of radical islam that makes it it's job to attack the united states or to attack other countries, not just the united states, but other nonmuslim people, that will be a disaster for this -- for every person on this planet. >> the real take away from the hearing should have been that chechnya is a mass you'vely complicated place, a place of tremendous suffering and pain and violence on both the part of russian security forces. we are waging a brutal war on terror that involves kidnapping people from their homes and disappearing them and jihadists blowing up innocent civilians left and right. but also a battle that has not of yet conclusively come to our shores.
carolina senator lindsay graham doesn't have just one serious potential republican rival but two to worry about. over the weekend, state senator lee bright hasn't announced he is running but has thrown out plenty of signs including touring the state this winter holding public hearings for a bill which would eliminate the need for a permit to carry a gun in public and waxing on about a possible run during an appearance on glenn beck's radio show. >> are you thinking about running against him? >> i'm seriously considering it. we've got a choice. we're either going to have a nation or we're not. and if we don't get behind rand paul and what he's trying to do and the ted cruz's of the world i don't think we can survive. >> graham also has to worry about the first woman graduate of the senate nancy mace who said i am flattered by the chatter. it's not something you just dive into. it is the u.s. senate. folks, the point of this update for you? lindsay graham is going to face it appears a serious primary challenge. while some of these other republican senators appear to escape he may not in 201
" with lindsay graham, he said he thought what the president had been proposing is proposing in his budget is a step forward on entitlements, that he is now open, depending on what they get on the entitlement side to revenues and actually raising money through revenues. there's some movement there as well. what about immigration. there's talk today of a hang-up with marco rubio on the h 1 b visas? can you break that logjam? the original thought is by friday there might be a deal. >> our hope, i would say generally speaking we've been really encouraged by the progress of the gang of eight, has made on immigration. it's a there's a lot of issues involved here, a lot of them are tricky, technical. you know we know that it takes a little bit of time to work these things. we remain optimistic, hopeful that they get to an agreement by friday. we want to make sure that we start, start real work in earnest on that legislation, so we hope that they do meet their friday deadline or certainly by the beginning of next week. we understand it's difficult, but we know they're focused and they continue to
from the line. right now they've got a $200,000 buy against lindsay graham in south carolina. >> who is worried about a primary. >> i did talk to graham's office yesterday. graham's comment is they can spend all the money they want. i'm not backing down. look, they've been very influential in the past. in fact in numbers usa has been credited with blocking george, president george w. bush's immigration reform proposal in 2007. whether they can move the needle like that this time is still an open question. >> a political tide after 2012. the other question i have is always the question i have with these groups, how much you mentioned a $200,000 buy against lindsay graham. how much are you able to follow how much money is coming in and out of these groups and from who? >> they're all 501 c-4's, 501 c-3's we did an analysis that showed that $100 million over a ten-year period for those three groups, which work together on this issue. 36 million dollars, single-largest source came from something called the kolcom foundation. >> $36 million? >> yes. the founded by the late sister of melon
to honor handgun permits of other states. there is an amendment proposed by lindsay graham, to allow people who have been involuntary committed to mental institutions to own guns. and there is another amendment that would lift the ban on gun ownership for mentally ill veterans. if you think these amendments sound like pie in the sky proposals with no shot of passage in the democratically-held senate, think again. experts say these amendments have a shot, and could be likely to pass. in 2009, an amendment to allow people to bring handguns to amtrak trans, on amtrak trains passed with the support of 28 democrats. months earlier a bill allowing guns to be carried into national parks passed, again, with democratic support. yesterday, in the "washington post," chris cillizza and paul cain wrote about the nightmare amendment scenario, argue that given the math, it's easier to imagine amendments favored by gun rights advocates than amendments on things like renewing the assault weapons ban or limiting or outright banning high-capacity magazines. >>> even if the senate imagines to emerge from the d
they have people that have been through it its last time like mccain, lindsay graham, chuk schumer. in part they have productive newcomers. so its administration is giving them space. and they're coming out with a bill which i think has got border security for the people who care about that. it's got a path to citizenship. it's got a shift towards skill which is what we need for its economy. it's not just a small piece of legislation. it's a pretty robust piece of legislation. it's impressive. >> woodruff: impress sniff. >> it is impressive. i can't argue with david. i would just say there is some arithmetic here involved. i mean it's not simply the realization on the part of republicans, with the exception of those who were here when columbus arrived and those who were brought here against their will in chains. that every person should cash themselves an immigrant as a direct descendant of immigrants. this that has come true to republicans at this point. but it is a map, judy, index orable math. in 2008 barack obama car eedz the latino vote by a little over 2-1. by almost 3-1 in 2012. more
to be done in immigration reform now is border security, not path to citizenship. lindsay graham and others trying to push back. is this going to completely b l bollocks up the immigration time table? >> i don't know. i think we're still dealing with the reverb rations of what happened in boston here in washington. this situation only resolved itself friday night. we're still looking for answers so i think we have to wait a little bit. now that said, i think what you're going to see is the debate split and you've laid it out. debate split between people who say let's take a few of the measures that are more popular, that we know can get past. let's do it on a piecemeal basis versus people like lindsay graham and marco rubio and others who say we need to do it all at once, it needs to be comprehensive, not piece by piece. that was the dynamic in truth i think that was going to emerge even pre-boston. i think some folks who wanted to be that piecemeal approach are citing boston as a way to say let's pass a little more popular elements. but i don't know that we know exactly what boston means
, including lindsay graham. >> i believe our nation is at war, the enemy is radical islam, defined as the taliban, al qaeda and affiliated groups. the question i have regarding this case, is there any association between these two individuals and the groups i just named to allow enemy combatant status to be conferred upon the suspect in boston. >> with no ties to foreign terrorist networks, there would be little difference between tsarnaev and other so-called home-grown and lone wolf terrorists, including timothy mcveigh and ted kosinski. if the tsarnaev brothers were acting alone, the prevention of similar attacks becomes significantly more complex. american law enforcement officials currently track terror networks by tapping into chatter, monitoring videos and reports of field agents, but even if the fbi is tipped off to potential american terrorists, there's are limits to what can be done. "the new york times" reports that after the tib questioned tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011, officials had quote no authority to watch him because they found no terrorism activity at the time. this s
it can't just be the united states. lindsay graham's statement included the world international component a couple of times. it cannot just be the united states that's going alone on this. and that will take time. >> melody i will quote former defense secretary bob gates in 2011 said any future defense secretary who advises the president to send a big land army into asia or middle east or africa should have his head examined. military analysts will say this is like walking into a giant lawn mower i think was the quote. but the president is going to get pressured to do something. how dangerous, maybe dangerous isn't the right word. but the fact that this red line has been established. and it is theoretically been crossed. and if the white house does nothing about it or sort of is seen to stall on it, how damaging is that to the president in terms of foreign policy. and the sort of quote-unquote strength of his administration. >> well, i've been thinking about the powell doctrine, when you go in, you better know how you're going to get out. it also goes to the jeffrey goldberg quote you're
in washington over how to respond to syria's possible use of chemical weapons. senator lindsay graham is among republicans calling for a military response. >> one way you can stop the syrian air force from flying is to bomb the syrian air bases with cruise missiles, you don't need to go deep into syria to do that. >> joining me is former u.s. ambassador and nbc news middle east diplomacy analyst dennis ross. it's a tough monday here today, dennis, bear with me. so first of all, the red line. the president said it several times. was that a mistake, to establish a red line you're not prepared to liver odeliver on? >> i don't think once you establish you're outlining a red line, by definition you're prepared to do something about it there's a history with red lines. whenever you establish a red line, understand it has two different dimensions to it. one is you're implying that anything short of it won't trigger action by you, but you're also saying if that's crossed, you will absolutely do something. so i do think the president is in a position where he has to find a way to cross the threshold no
checks. senator lindsay graham said last year 80,000 gun buyer failed to check, but they were prosecuted. >> >> on april 2nd, a former nursing student killed seven people and injured three others. suspected gunman is in a mental hospital after a judge declared he was not kent to stand trial. >> >> concerts saturday in oakland and april 13th in "el dorado" hills. >> >> thousands of ankle monitors used to track parole lees were false and had to be replaced last year. state corrections officials ordered 4,000 of the diesises last april. after tested indicated problems. now, the maker of the monitors, 3m denies there were any reliability problems. >> >> five family members killed in a dui crash in nevada. what we learned about the victims. >> >> tensions rise as the u.s. shows its support for south korea. the latest on their state of war. >> >> wake up before dawn before an almost century old san francisco easter tradition. . >>> an 18-year-old man arrested, suspected of dui following a crash that killed five family members from southern california. dead include four adults an a 13-year-old
. lindsay graham rejected the romney campaign idea of self- deportation calling it offensive. >> every corner of the republican party, house republicans and the rank in file are now understanding there has to be an earned path way to citizenship. that gives us leverage to immigration. >> democrats have agreed that past that path to citizen should be well earned. conservatives may reject the plan if the path is conceived as a path to amnesty. >>> undocumented workers will be fined, have to pay back taxes and pass a background check. activists are planning a major rally on sunday. >>> senator john mccain said today he is against a filibuster and doesn't understand why others will stop the debate. >> american people will profit by it. i do not understand why united states senators want to block debate when the leader has said that we can have amendments. >> meanwhile the governor of connecticut where the sandy hook shootings happened blasted the head of the nra for blasting that state's new gun laws. he called wayne la pierre a clown. >> this guy is so out of whack it's unbelievable. 92%
to be willing to work with the president on this budget and maybe democrats won't. >> lindsay graham is the guy who came up p with the invite list of that dinner that the president had with republican senators and this is all about trying to bring republican snars on board into negotiations and to isolate the house republicans, because the house republicans are just giving no give. the sense is if you could come up with a grand bargain that could pass muster in the senate with republicans and democrats, the house would eventually just have to break down and get to the bargaining table. but they're still a long way away, i mean lindsay graham has been talking about using tax reform to raise tax revenues for quite some time. he's not exactly a break through here. but, you know, the fact that his budget was greeted hostilely by democrats and some liberal republicans, you could say that's a bad sign, but you could also say that's a good sign. >> in terms of a timetable, is this a long time off or not? >> it is not a long timetable because the republicans say they need to get some traction by july,
. meanwhile mccain and lindsay graham said dzhokhar tsarnaev should be treated as a potential enemy combatant. they said now that the suspect is in custody is the last thing we should want is for him to remain silent. under a law of war we can hold the suspect to a enemy combatment not entitled to miranda warnings or the appointment of counsel. the older brother, he was killed on friday, and they investigated him at the request of a foreign government, and they did not find any ties to terrorism. and we are joined from london by a counterterrorism expert, and mike sullivan here is a former acting director of the bureau of tobacco, firearms and explosives. let's start with you in london, will. the fbi talked to this man in 2011. it does beg the question, did they miss something when they talked to tamerlan tsarnaev? >> well, it's always very difficult to say. however, having said that, if you have an individual that is brought in by the authorities and questioned, again, without knowing exactly what the topic or agenda was that they were requesting him on, one would say that there was sufficie
of military case . yet lindsay graham and john mccain want him in military court. >> you call him enemy combatant that is taken away a lot of rights. he should be arraigned in 24 hours and they have made exceptions in the of osama bin laden's son in law and attempted times square bomber f. you are an enemy combatant it could be months before coming to court. >> we learned yesterday thalt f.b.i. had investigated the older brother's possible tie to terror groups and turns out that is not all officials were investigating. there is an investigation right now and the details are ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) purina cat chow. 50 years of feeding great relationship i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti i
returned the matter had been closed. >> that contradicts what republican senator lindsay graham was told by an assistant director. he told tsarnaev's name was misspelled and the fbi had no knowledge of him leaving or returning. >>> time now for the top 5 stories making news at this hour. the two men accused of working with al qaeda in canada facing a judge for the first time. refused a court pinted attorney and claiming the charges are unfair. the second suspect bleeded no not -- pleaded not guilty. charges are conspireing to an attack and association with a terrorist group. they were going flow up a bridge as a passenger train from new york passed by. >> a bogus tweet yesterday claimed there were two explosions and that president obama was injured. the white house quickly said everything was okay. the ap suspended its twitter account to resolve the issue. the fake tweet sent the dow plunging 143 points but it later recovered. the owner of a fertilizer plant that exploded in texas now facing two lawsuits. a dare grain incorporated is being sued by a single mother and several instrument c
for it. and it's stunning to me, the arguments are so disingenuous, i saw lindsay graham saying this bill won't do any good. there's no proof that it won't protect. all right, lindsay, vote for a ban on high-capacity magazines, because i tell you what. jared loughner had a 33-bullet magazine. he killed seven and injured 12. that's 19. had he only, and he was disarmed. putting the second magazine in. had he only had a 10-bullet magazine, the worst he could have done is hit 10, not 19. so nine people might be alive or not critically injured. gabrielle giffords might still be in congress. so don't tell me that it won't be effective. i forget who it was, but someone testified before congress and said, high-capacity magazine ban will take the "mass" out of mass murder. >> that's also a question, wes. now the goal posts have been moved so far -- >> it's ridiculous. >> sort of the nra, but high-capacity magazines aren't on the table. assault weapons ban isn't on the table. what we're talking about the sort of the barest of the bare. i guess the question and the worry for some hoping to see stron
wants him designated that way? >> lindsay graham, congressman pete king to name a few. >> we don't know if there are other conspirators or explosives out there. where did they get the radicalization of the imams. who did his brother meet with when his brother was in chechnya. these questions we need answers to because even now there is a public safety exception. that is going to expire in 348 hours. >> that is what happened to the underwear bomber, the man that tried to blow up a plane. he was a foreign citizen. the f.b.i. interrogated for 50 hints and within 10 hours he was read his miranda rights. the suspect is in super max prison. >> gregg: is there some difficulty or impediment to designating the boston marathon bomb as an enemy combatant? >> by law he can't be tried on a military commission. they were cases where he was tried military court. but in a case, they have not found a link to al-qaeda linked group overseas. therefore, no court would necessarily uphold the president as commander in chief designating him as an enemy combatant. legally they would be on shaky ground and if h
. >> what do you say to senators like lindsay graham and mccain who say, look, we want these guys to be enemy combatants and tried in military court. can you understand the visceral reaction to say we don't want to trot them in like a normal trill this is an act of terror. >> it is a visceral reaction. if you look at the track record here. i wouldn't rule out a tribunal. it's something the president can use in certain circumstances. maybe there are reasons to do it here. when you look at the track record over time, over the last 15, 20-years, what have we done with terrorists? what we have done with them most successfully is put them in jail for civil tries in federal criminal court. there are tons of them sitting in jail for the rest of their lives. >> david, when you say that, how often has the death penalty been sought in the terror cases. we have the time square bomber, the underwear bomber and reed the shoe bomber they all got life. >> in the sally case the death penalty because sought and the jury in northern virginia district of virginia said no death penalty. that's not th
. that was news to lindsay graham who says the f.b.i. told him they had no knowledge of his travels abroad and that his name had spelled incorrectly on that trip and they hadn't is your veiled him. so it could help if the bombing suspect had any help and the look at the older brother. this mugshot was when he was arrested for domestic violence and that is when they believe his radicalization took place. katherine heritage has more. >> in front of the senate committee the statements of homeland security secretary apparently conflict weigh statements by assistant f.b.i. director. napolitano telling senators that homeland security, he left for russia in 2012. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia, if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you are referring to -- yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned all investigations the matter had been closed. >> reporter: after those statements the senators were told by napolitano that the lookout system at the border that alerts border agents that subject to investigations will h
evidence to corroborate is an excuse not to act. lindsay graham a wants ants action plan that the chemical weapons are skuishd once assad is deposed. they say they are not calling for the u.s. to send troops to sear graduate bu the obama administration is reluctant to even send weapons. >>> speaking of lindsay graham, he is with me now. your reaction now. we understand it was your letter along with john mccain that revealed this intelligence. they responded to you in a letter as wendall just quoted that our intel does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the syrian regime has these weapons on a small scale? >> they say moderate to high probability. the israelis confirmed from their intelligence sources the use of chemical weapons. our european alleys have confirmed from their intelligence sources the use of chemical weapons. our people say moderate to high probability. when you talk to syrian opposition, they will say hundred percent that assad have used chemical weapons. i think the red line has been cross and at question is now what. >> megyn: this is an important one. this is
of morons. so everybody call lindsay graham and john mccain and tell them we are not falling for it. >> lansing michigan, depemcrats line. caller: good morning. i'm calling in regard with this perspective that they are saying they are using gas and kesmicals there, why is the united nations not stepping in on it? and you know, taking the lead against these foreign governments and politicians that are doing the different things. they made the united nations and world courts. i just can't understand why the united states administration and executive branches want to take the lead on it. host: well, there's been no formal action yet. this was just information received from the white house. caller: well, i understand that. but they keep wanting to put the their two cents in instead of getting the united nations involved with all these foreign countries. they have got to start sitting back and letting the united nations and the other government agencies conform with it. host: there's a section on what the united has as options. when it comes to diplomatic pressure since the united states
much. senator lindsay graham the republican senator from south carolina said the obama administration bears in his words some serious blame for the attacks. he is standing by and will join us live. also coming up, five presidents leaving politics behind sharing some laughter, tears, and common bond. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." ♪ introducing bbm video with screen share. hey aleigh. hey! carol! update on 171 woodward..... let's other people see what's on your screen. and these are the material studies. the dog was my suggestion. aleigh. aleigh! it's great. but i'm on vacation for another week, remember? oh, right! i'll call you tomorrow! ok. but don't. carol? the blackberry z10 with screen share. powerful communication on the powerful network. verizon. ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. >>> we're following the investigation into the boston bombings. word today that the suspects were planning on driving from massachusetts to new york and blowing up a bomb, a pressure cooker bomb in
because of heightened tensioned. lindsay graham says there has been plenty of bellicose talk from north kea in the past, but... >> the big difference to me is the politics in south korea are changing by the day, regarding north korea. so if there is a provocation twon't be business as usual lie south korea. see a major war happening because the republic of south korea and the united states and the whole region is fed up with this guy. >> and the new leader, kim jung un has made provocative moves in the last month. the u.s. says that north korea is further isolating temperatures. >> we have a situation where north korea is engaging in a pattern of behavior we have seen for many, many years -- provocative actions and bellicose rhetoric. the onus joys north korea to step back and meet their international obligations and undertake their number-1 goal of economic development. >> the chinese president seemed to offer criticism to north korea, saying no country should be allowed to plunge the region into chaos. eric. >> eric: steve, thanks very much. we will be watching this very closely, of c
in that there is a glimmer of hope and lindsay graham saying it is a potential for a grand bargain. is it possible, we talked so many times at this table, about the grand bargain. is it possible that it opens the door to a grand bargain as he opens the door to the republicans tonight. >> remember the scene from dumb and dumber. >> you are saying a one in a mill cron chance. >> it works. that is a perfect line . that is the situation we are looking at here. i was in a session with paul ryan and he 45 minutes and he's hopeful that maybe there would be common ground on tax reform and maybe they would find something with the president moving forward. but pretty much everybody in washington understands it is unlikely it is a grand bargain and paul ryan said he didn't think there would be a grand bargain and the fact that the president didn't go on the, there would not be a grand bargain. >> we'll need a bigger boat. obama is offering the most minuscule change that cpi recommended by every commission in the last 20 years. it is obvious . a correction and the whole point much indexing social security with inflation
us to the finish line. but also to have members like lindsay graham who have little to gain from taking on a tough challenge like immigration reform but willing to do so because it is in the national interest, the economy, and what is right. you know, at the very beginning, i was aren't sure -- wasn't sure of the commitment of my colleagues but after the first few meetings it became clear after tough negotiations talent were ugntat, in fact, there was a real desire to solve a problem of that has been too long gone unsolved. eachwant to salute afternoon one of them. it is one of the highest moments i've had in the senate and nevpb the 20 years that i've been in congress. i'm looking forward to keep that same tenacity to the final goal, which is sending a bill to the president that he can sign. our immigration system is broken. americans know that, they want to see it fixed. this is about ensuring the security and preserving an american tradition that has had an exceptional reality of the great greatest experiment of man kind. bringing people from across the global, driving to some
analysis item interesting to note that tonight senator lindsay graham is justifying the u.s. dren attacks and piping to the mile an hour thon bombing as justification for continuing them. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> boston police officer says he is not a hero even after listeneding on the cover of "time"magazine. officer raced toward the blast zone after hearing a loud boom. he helped a man whose shirt caught on fire then somebody hand add wounded boy to him. >> i started running with him to the medical tent. carrying him like a football and i got as far as exit street and boston ms pulling up in pwlachbilitys i stopped the ambulance and the paramedic from boston came out. i handed the child to him and i told him he has a head injury. bleeding from the head. >>reporter: he pints out he was one of many who called to help others after the attack. >> a lot of people want uses m me. about station full of hero where i work in district 4. police department full of hero. boston police. i think i really do have a city full of hero that helped. >> there is no word tonight on who the b
. but that's not the case if he were to be declared an enemy combatant. now senator lindsay graham says he should be declared an enemy combatant so a thorough interrogation, a lengthy one without limits could be undertaken. would you agree with that? >> i know, i think it's hard to judge from a distance, without greater information. so, no, i wouldn't be calling to treat him as an enemy combatant without more information. the consequence is, you treat him like an enemy combatant, you may have a longer interview that may or may not give you better information than if you mirandize him. but it poses a real problem, in terms of prosecutes him and bringing him to judge. the courts have had a better track record than the military commissions, many of which have been overturned on appeal or have stagnated. the priority is to get the best information. at the same time that this interview group is brainstorming over that, all the other intelligence communities are poring through just what you have been talking about, the contact by a prior government. chathey better than learned in those interview
combatant in this crime. top republican lawmakers said he shouldn't be tried as a common criminal. lindsay graham is one of those asking for this and joining me on the phone. welcome back to the program and good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you and congratulations to all of the law enforce and intelligence officials and people of boston. it has been tough, but the second phase of this is about to begin and we need to get it right. >> indied, we need to get it right. >> you have came out to say what happened in boston on monday was a clear attempt to kill americans and serorize americans. explain folks at home on what the difference is what you are discussing in the way he should be held and what others feel should be the course of action. >> the reason we wanted to capture him alive is find out about the attack and find out who he trained with and what connections to entered terrorism . they were on a jihad mission and the reason you want to capture a terrorist is to find out about what other terrorist are up to . under criminal law, in the united states, if you capture a cit
whatever conclusion you have reached is the right conclusion. >> what do you say to senators like lindsay graham and mccain who say, look, we want these guys to be enemy combatants and tried in military court. can you understand the visceral reaction to say we don't want to trot them in like a normal trill this is an act of terror. >> it is a visceral reaction. if you look at the track record here. i wouldn't rule out a tribunal. it's something the president can use in certain circumstances. maybe there are reasons to do it here. when you look at the track record over time, over the last 15, 20-years, what have we done with terrorists? what we have done with them most successfully is put them in jail for civil tries in federal criminal court. there are tons of them sitting in jail for the rest of their lives. >> david, when you say that, how often has the death penalty been sought in the terror cases. we have the time square bomber, the underwear bomber and reed the shoe bomber they all got life. >> in the sally case the death penalty because sought and the jury in northern virginia distr
as enemy combatant. lindsay graham and pete king to name a fee of >> are there other disparities t out there? are there other explosives out there. where do they get the radicalization. who did the brother meet with when he was in russia and chechnya. these are only questions that can be obtained if he dorcs noth get his miranda rights. even though right now there's a public safety excmondtion thado going t in 48 hours and then he can >> that is what happened to the marathon bomber. he was a foreign citizen. he was read his miranda rights. muitics say the intelligence enm committee as to how the plot develops. bom he is now in super max. i r > officers and federal ey wthorities take him alive tis unlike his brother who perished in the fight they were trying hard becey wse they wanted to ay the questions as they go forward to speaght r > he is an american citie inn. he can't be sent to guantanamo a bay he can't be tried in a co military cowas rission. cases there are cases where americans were deemed enemy combatants. pl hosea padilla for one but in the case of him they have not found
him stand out as right right winger. he's very different from john mccain and lindsay graham, with those exceptions he's very standard issue right wing even though he's a libertarian. he's against same-sex marriage, and he's--he wants to get the vote of that base. so he's obviously going to step out and say what he said. and clearly the thing he said about the new town parents was pretty reprehensible. >> john: indeed. you wrote about the g.o.p.'s needs. like the nra to instill fear in the public. can you explain that in the immigration reform? >> well, we've seen it so often over the years. conservatives need a boogeyman. they need to get worked up about something, come group of people or some set of events and make people react to that and say oh, my god we've got to do something to stop this. you know we've got to do something to stop brown people from coming over the border. it was true going back to civil rights. then of course after 9/11 and after any terrorist attack there is a certain element within the republican party and conservative movement that is going to rise
're hearing from conservatives such as lindsay graham and john mccain that this could be a political issue. they say they want him tried as an enemy combatant and the argument is they want as much information as they can out of this 19-year-old who reportedly plotted with his older brother who has ties overseas to potential terrorists. regardless of my opinion the argument from the other side is they just want to make sure that they're getting all of this information to prevent future terrorist attacks. >> cenk: go ahead, beth. >> i was going to say the public safety exemption does not seem to be a huge issue. it was a matter of them taking a precaution. we knew that there was a ton of explosive material around, that both of these young men were using, had their hands on and had access to. they were throwing bombs and explosives at the cops during the fire fight overnight. they were find with ieds in their possession. the car that was carjacked when the cops recovered that it had ieds in it. it seemed as though there were possibilities that they had placed explosive devices elsewhere. that
attacks planned. that's different from arresting a bank robber. >> neil: senator john mccain and lindsay graham say he should be treated as an enemy combatant with more flexibility and more likelihood you're going to get results from that than a guy exploiting our legal system. what do you think of that? >> you can try an enemy combatant in u.s. federal court. the issue is not where you try him, it's how you gather evidence at the front. an enemy combatant tant because he's involved in a struggle against the united states, you don't have to mirandize him or give him a lawyer. you can gather intelligence and prevent them from carrying out other attacks. at some point they wind up in the court system and there will be a conviction. that's important but at the front end, the purpose of the enemy combatant debate is not avoid the courtroom. it's with regards to people here already carrying out attacks on u.s. territory, gather intelligence when you arrest them. who are you working with and who were you plotting other attacks with? it's not necessarily about creating a record for conviction.
for lindsay graham. grace wyler thank you for joining us in the war room. you can kill a man medgar evers said, but you can't kill an idea. myrllie evers will join us to talk about her husband his legacy and so much more. stay with us. young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. (vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> michael: outraged by the failure of the senate to pass even m
of putting a lot of pressure on these members. ,ut these guys, as you said lindsay graham or marco rubio who has taken a lot of flack for these things, could certainly stand to be politically for going into them and trying to a part of a deal with the other side. working against that current of influence and money in order to get these things done because often times they are against your direct monetary from a political perspective or political standing concern. host: todd in california, you are up next. i wish some of the program, other morning shows, could look up to you, greta, because you have much more class. you don't dillydally. thank you for that. host: thank you during go ahead with your question or comment. caller: i have been voting for nearly four years. when people say illegal aliens -- i am a u.s. citizen. -- that term is disrespectful. aliens come from outer space. when you talk to the lobbyists, that is who is running america. maybe c-span could do a program on that -- who is really in control? the average person can vote all they want, and this is the person you vote for, b
time. >> lindsay graham said on cnn, he thinks they have a deal. he said we have to write the legislation but he believes there is a deal here. again, going back to marco rubio and his party of the puzzle here. is this all for show? is this all for the public? at least what we're seeing from him? >> i don't think for show at all. i think he is very strategic in what he's doing. if you talk to the senators privately, they will all tell that you rubio is the lynchpin. so when he says that, everybody kind of blinks. you can't have rubio away from this. he has to be very comfortable with the deal that he can then bring forward and sell to his colleagues. and the tea party. >> but specifically, at least the sticking point in the past has been the border security issue. it seems some of that has been addressed, and perhaps resolved. when you have someone who is opposing any issue, the basic question is what do they want? so how would that question be answered when it come to rubio other than giving peace to the tea party members of his caucus who may never be satisfied with this
in the media have to stop taking and accepting a as gospel when people like lindsay graham say this proposal is dead on arrival. it cannot be dead on arrival when a majority of americans support it and i have to tell you, i worked in new york city public schools. so this whole fantasy about we're going to arm teachers and put armed guards in schools. it's never going to happen. the liability issues alone -- >> it's a boon to gun manufacturers. >> it's a boon to gun manufacturers and it's a boon to the nra and i think it shows exactly why our system is so broken. >> this fight is not over. i think it's important to go back to the brady bill fight, the ban on assault weapons and the large-capacity magazines. that fight took five years. we're ahead of that. but those who were involved in that fight in the '90s understood that you weren't going to move quickly in congress and you're certainly not going to move quickly in this congress where they filibustered any meaningful piece of legislation. it's not just bloomberg's money, which is an important force, it's a movement being built. a movement
-member lindsay graham was bullish the senate bill will pass muster. >> i believe it will pass the house because it secures our borders. >> we will see about that with a lot less limelight, a house bipartisan group has been working on an immigration bill. and it's chances for success and what two members of the house immigration team think of the senate approach is up next with republican congressman mario diaz-balart and democratic congressman luiz gutierrez. ♪ pop goes the world [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with tide pods. just one pac has the stain removal power of 6 caps of the bargain brand. pop in. stand out. of 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >>> joining me now congressman luiz gutierrez and mario diaz-balart. thank you for coming together. trying to get you together for quite some time. as for w
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